The last steps for completing the Mame bartop are complete.

2013-08-05 15.59.22

For sound I had an old set of usb powered speakers that I gutted and mounted above the screen after I drilled out a 1″ hole at an angle toward the screen. It actually sound as if the sound is coming directly (more…)

 More progress today. I started off by placing the monitor in the frame for a little visual size comparison. I like the way it fits so I decided to proceed as planned.

2013-08-03 13.06.23

 I would have left the base on the monitor but I  need the space for the computer motherboard and power supply under there So I mounted a board across with the proper angle. You can see one of the major blemishes the wood from Lowes had. I just used it in a (more…)

I Went out and bought a half sheet of 1/2 inch hardwood plywood and started the cutting process. I then cut the sheet in half again to make it easier to work with. I also made a scale grid of the cuts for each board so I can maximize the use of the wood. I should have been slightly less lazy and drove the extra 10 mils to the Home Depot for the wood but Lowes is 3 miles from me. Lowes hardwood plywood is passable at best with many blemishes in the veneer layer and cost significantly more.

2013-08-02 18.14.42

Here are the two sides. The back piece has has some minor sanding and the (more…)

I’m staring a new Mame build and this time I plan on documenting the process here. Last time I just took a few pictures. But this time I plan on taking many more pictures as well as videos of the process. To kick it off here are the freehand bartop mame plans I drew up. Not very good but helped me plan it out.